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Our vision for the future development of the business in Malaysia and the rest of Asia is to continue the current strong pace of growth whilst building even greater capabilities and ensuring that we maintain a premium quality service for our clients.Our culture is supported by our core values – Stewardship, Best people, Client value creation, Integrity, Respect for the individual. These core values underpin our focus on quality client service and on how we manage our people.

To help our clients in their business means being constantly aware of the changing needs of technology and its impact on businesses. It means being prepared to continuously embrace new ways of doing things. It is a constant “struggle” for IGS to effectively balance today's needs with tomorrow's opportunities. As our client's business changes due to the times, so must we change our service to them. To accomplish that we bring together multi-disciplined/skill people, and we work with companies from a broad variety of industry solution to deliver a wide range of services and solutions which we feel reflects the need of our Malaysian client base.

Our cross-industry expertise means we can offer an exceptionally high level of guidance via our solutions specially catered for Datacenter Management, Desktop Management, Data Protection/Business Continuity and Cloud services.We also have dedicated sales and support teams in the fast growing industries such as Oil and gas, manufacturing, distribution, public sector, retail construction, education, finance services, Datacenter service providers.