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Clients today are looking for more than just hardware pushers. They want total solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. In IGS, we have developed a comprehensive approach to IT consulting, which moves clients forward at every stage of their IT planning. Called "IGS Advanced Virtualization Management (IGS AVM)" Suite of Solutions, We partner with our clients to help them capitalize on the latest technologies and provide solutions to minimize their business challenges.

IGS are helping clients manage the full range of their information technology needs by deploying readily available cost effectual and proven solutions to streamline and integrate business process.


IGS's understanding in the needs of high performance organizations has found that outsourcing is one of the key business enablers. More and more decision makers are turning to outsource and to IGS to help them elevate their organisations' performance, driving value into their enterprises. One of the critical areas of concern is Managed Backup where IGS has introduced a Managed Online Backup solution as the next step towards better backup management of corporate IT resources.


IGS are one of the few VMware Premier Partners who provides a complete end-to-end service to their clients. IGS understands our clients prefer a virtualization partner who can provide a complete solution, From the conceptual design to actual implementation and finally, providing certified VMware training. With its success records, IGS has demonstrated it is up to the task and are aggressively improving its value to its clients by investing in a strong certified and experienced sales and consulting team.