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IGS begun with Cloud Backup Services all the way back in the year of 2010 which initially to target SME customers for vaulting their data into a proper Data Centre. This cloud model business already create a major transformation within the organization and also to ensure a fundamental support team will be able to provide cloud computing services and support to the customers. After 2 years of R&D, IGS had decided to expand and begun venture into the multi tenancy cloud platform which serves as a public cloud Service Provider in 2013. With the vast experiences in virtualization and cloud services, IGS already expand their cloud business providing to private organizations as well for financial institutions. Today, this cloud service is known as AVM Cloud and with the gradually acceptance of cloud platforms and technologies, IGS is set to expand their customer base to nationwide with the proven AVM methodology.

Cloud Based Computing Services

Managed Online Backup (MOB)

Provisioning the next generation Backup as a Services (BaaS), aligned with cloud based computing direction and design, to offer backup efficiencies unavailable with traditional backup architecture by allowing you to capture less, ingest less and store less data thus reducing the amount of backup assets you buy, manage and maintain.

You can leverage on IGS's MOB to optimize,economize and modernize your backup processes. IGS's MOB is based on Asigra's Hybrid Cloud Backup Technology.

Managed DR Cloud Computing Services

As an extension to MOB, customer get to choose the options to subscribe to IGS's DR hosting facilities where customer can minimize their business impact due to unforeseen circumstances.

We provide cloud computing services as well as business continuity planning services to help our customers in risk mitigation and risk contingency planning.


Hosted or On-Premise Offering:

AVM Cloud Standard Edition – built on top of VMware's vSphere 5 APIs, the Standard Edition does not require VMware's vCloud Director to provide comprehensive level of multi-tenancy control, but yet able to accommodate most of an IT Organization desire to deploy, and manage of a private cloud. AVM Cloud

AVM Cloud Enterprise Edition – inheriting all features in Standard Edition, the Enterprise Edition comes with an advanced vCloud Director APIs, thus enabling multi-tenancy control, advanced security functions and policy-driven to provisioning and management automation. AVM Cloud Enterprise Edition best fits large organizations, shared services, or profit center organizations offering true Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering.

AVM Cloud-in-a-Box – providing a secure private cloud computing services, it is billed as a service based on a standard rate card. AVM Cloud-in-a-Box offers customers with a secured facility for compute, storage, and backing up resources, and the system can be up and running in 10 weeks.



AVM Cloud Service – powered by AVM Cloud is IGS's partnership collaboration with the globally renowned telecommunication and data center leader. The offering provides the similar interface our AVM Cloud customers have been enjoying in their private clouds but has now been extended to a secure, reliable and scalable Cloud Computing Service Provider.

The partnership provides an unparalleled advantage for AVM Cloud customers who intend to transform and adopt a planned long-term cloud strategy.