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Sometimes, you just need somebody to handle your IT environment. You need it did right, no matter who the vendor is, who you purchased the assets from or where they are located. The IT environment must be maintained and supported despite its complexity.

IGS AVM Support provides a single point of accountability for all technical support across your environment – including hardware and software products purchased from virtually any vendor. By first understanding your business needs, IGS will design a readily available yet customizable support plan to help you better manage risk and increase productivity and profitability.

We can even be an advocate for you to address multivendor issues. By reducing the need for you to manage a variety of support providers, you have more time to focus on your core business's growth and innovation.

A clear distinction or the uniqueness of our IGS AVM Support lies in the Virtual Infrastructure backbone where IGS have long been recognised nationwide as a leading Vmware virtualization cloud computing consulting entity. With our expertise in Virtualization cloud computing services, we believe we will be able to provide the optimum support expected for any virtualized environment. Our support and services incl. vmware virtualization, virtualization cloud computing, cloud computing services and others.

Your environment is critical to your business, and it needs to be supported. Maintenance and Technical Support Services from IGS can help you maintain the performance and value of your investments in IT.