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The problem is not ideas; it's making sure that you have the support in place to execute your business objectives. To grow your organisation and innovate in the same time, you need a reliable, high performance and cost-effective technology infrastructure, Ongoing, comprehensive and proactive support of your hardware, software and and IT Environment is crucial because if your IT assests aren't working, neither are you.




Enterprise Level Virtual Infrastructure Support – AVM Enforce, is a service offering that enables you to augment traditional vendor support offerings with a team of experts dedicated to your Virtual Infrastructure environment.

AVM Enforce specifically addresses the challenges inherent in supporting the interdependencies of the individual applications and platforms that comprise your Virtual Infrastructure.

IGS's expertise across the technologies that comprise your Virtual Infrastructure provides you a single entity for understanding, trouble- shooting and supporting your virtual environment.

IGS AVM Enforce

Sometimes, you just need somebody to handle your IT environment. You need it did right, no matter who the vendor is, who you purchased the assets from or where they are located. The IT environment must be maintained and supported despite its complexity.

IGS AVM Enforce provides a single point of accountability for all technical support across your environment – including hardware and software products purchased from virtually any vendor. By first understanding your business needs, IGS will design a readily available yet customizable support plan to help you better manage risk and increase productivity and profitability.

We can even be an advocate for you to address multivendor issues. By reducing the need for you to manage a variety of support providers, you have more time to focus on your core business's growth and innovation.

A clear distinction or the uniqueness of our IGS AVM Enforce lies in the Virtual Infrastructure backbone where IGS have long been recognised nationwide as a leading Vmware virtualization cloud computing consulting entity. With our expertise in Virtualization cloud computing services, we believe we will be able to provide the optimum support expected for any virtualized environment. Our support and services incl. vmware virtualization, virtualization cloud computing, cloud computing services and others.

Your environment is critical to your business, and it needs to be supported. Maintenance and Technical Support Services from IGS can help you maintain the performance and value of your investments in IT.



Deep Technical Skill

Leverage on deep virtualization skillset to resolve virtual infrastructure issues.

Integrated and Proactive Response

When diagnosing errors will deliver corrections remotely.

Single Point of Contact

We are able to better manage your IT needs irregardless of different operating system platforms while reducing your dependency on multi-vendor support.

"Business First"

Your Focus is Your Business, not IT Support. With our IGS AVM Enforce in place, you will experience increased operational efficiency and reducing IT support downtime.

Relocation of IT Expenditure

You're much needed IT budget can be better spend on actual IT applications/solutions which deliver real business benefit with reduced support costs

Proven and Effectual

We have clients who have engaged our IGS AVM Enforce which attests to our corporate direction where all our solutions must both be proven in our client's live environments and have made a continual effective impact on our client's businesses.


We believe our clients prefer a proactive approach when it comes to annual update on the status of their environment. With the monitoring tools available, we will be able to provide a detailed and accurate report as part of our service commitment for our IGS AVM Enforce clients.

Customised Technical Workshop

The workshop sessions have proven to be a favourite among our clients and are exclusively for our IGS AVM Enforce clients. With the continuing new technology advances in the Virtualization industry, we want our clients to be kept updated while experiencing first hand any newly available solution which may contribute greatly to their current Virtual infrastructure.

ViMagnifier License Entitlement

ViMagnifier provides our client a nifty utility software for performing their day-to-day operational support on their virtual infrastructure. VM Intelligence search your virtual infra assets, performing sorting by OS-type, datastore and many more. Waste Finder helps client to find out orphan snapshot, inactive VM and hence reclaims the precious storage. VM Visualizer details vCenter resources in a very user-friendly graphical reporting capability.

Summary & Details Incident Reporting

Summary incident reporting provide the log for Client on the ticket and incident log; Client also will be provided details resolution with the detail incident reports.

Virtual Asset Management

Maintenance and management of OS instance assets, inventory, license and warranty and support agreements.

Administration Function

Provide routine system administration task on client's behalf and taking action and service request upon client's requests.

Proactive OS instance Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring and Alert coverage on all managed devices, OS instance, storage, and servers - both physical and virtual hosts and guest VM.

VI Capacity Planning

Provide the client with capacity planning report for analysis and further recommendation for action.

Vendor Coordination

Perform Level 1 diagnostic, problem identification and fault isolation; Coordinate server and storage equipment maintenance with vendors or arranging onsite maintenance or repair visit.

Security Patch Management

Based on client agreed OS patching frequency and compliance framework, and performing patching services.

Data Protection

Providing clients diagnosing errors, IGS AVM ENFORCE can help to deliver corrective action both remotely and/or onsite for Commvault Simapana, Symantec Backup Exec, and VMware's vCenter SRM Replication Support. We also have expertise on NetIQ PlateSpin Protect and Quest vReplicator solution.

Microsoft Active Directory

IGS AVM ENFORCE provide a level 1 coverse protection on your Microsoft infrastructure in areas of solving AD, replication and related issue.


Providing clients with a host of domain knowledge on customer's Application and Database, particularly on VMware's View, vCloud Suite; Microsoft Exchange, IBM lotus Domino, Zimbra messaging, Oracle Database on preventive maintenance and recovery of databases. For web-applications, IGS AVM ENFORCE are all to optimize and accelerate web caching and optimization.

Trend Security

Providing clients with Level 1 operational coverage for clients who wants to deploy end-point, maintain compliance and assigning security profiles for managed devices. We are back to diagnose errors, escalate and corrective action for both remote and onsite.