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IGS Cloud Computing Solutions offers customers to store their data in IGS local datacentres. Leveraging on the knowledge we have accumulated in helping business of all size, businesses can gain significant improvement in efficiency, cost saving, and simplified management. IGS's Datacentre Solutions Offering provide for our customers with their individual diversification of needs.

  • Server Consolidation: offers the breadth of virtualization solutions to improve the IT efficiency, and reduce ROI.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: offers customers with a suite of virtualization and management tools to maximize customers' investment in their newly created virtual infrastructure.
  • SME & Branch Office: offers a unique proposition for Small & Medium Business or Remote Branches environment with a simple management and reduced investment requirement. It has been proven and being deployed to more than 20 sites at various customer locations nationwide.
  • VIrtualization Management: provides a universal hub for managing your virtual infrastructure platforms. And helps to accelerate the deployment of virtualization.
  • Infrastructure Integration: offers our customers with a One-Stop IT provider for their solutions and infrastructure needs.
  • Enterprise Application: offers customers using demanding business applications with IGS's implementation experiences and best practices.

Only IGS AVM's offerings address the needs of the our customer's most demanding IT environments with the objective of delivering the solutions with results on-time and on-budget.