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Our platform integration services includes Virtualization & Consolidation, cross-platform migration, deployment of Windows, Sun Solaris, HP- UX, IBM AIX Operating Systems, Backup & Recovery Solution; Other Consulting experience in this field extends to various platforms like Sun Server, HP Superdome, IBM P series servers, Clustering Solution. Our services in platform integration include:

  • Capacity planning & Sizing
  • Hardware Deployment
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Clustering Solutions
  • Database Installation & Configuration (Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase)

Hardware Deployment:

Enterprise servers such as SUN E Series, M Series, IBM AS400, Blade Servers & Enclosures and HP high end servers deployment is part of our hardware deployment services. These servers are of specific range, which have high speed processing with high number crunching capability and greater I/O throughputs. This range is specifically used in deployment of high-end ERP solutions like SAP; financial application packages like Finnacle and cater to the Finance and Manufacturing verticals as well. The key deliverables under this service is:

  • Delivery of equipment
  • BOQ verification
  • Installation of hardware components
  • AID Configurations
  • Power on Self Test

Operating System Deployment:

All classes of servers need operating system to run the hardware for processing and number crunching. Under OS deployment we bring to our customer rich expertise in deploying the following OS:

  • SUN Solaris
  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX & Linux Flavors

The key deliverables under this service is:

  • Capture of data sizes as per application
  • Design of data and OS partitioning
  • Deployment of OS partitioning
  • Deployment of data partitioning
  • Fine tuning of OS
  • Server boot up test

Clustering Solutions:

Server availability is the first form of DR planning which is achieved through high availability softwares like

  • SUN cluster
  • Veritas Cluster (VCS)
  • Microsoft Cluster