From the bustling metropolises of Kuala Lumpur to the tranquil shores of Penang, healthcare providers in Malaysia are seeking innovative solutions to digitally transform their industry. Discover some of the key challenges faced by healthcare providers that could be transformed by adopting cutting edge technology solutions such as unified endpoint management that could assist in creating a streamlined workflow, securing data, adhering to strict compliances, and improvising overall experience for patients.

The healthcare industry and frontline workers makes up the majority of the global workforce. Frontline employees can access key data, apps, and people they need to do their tasks thanks to mission-critical technology. These technologies are essential for managing disruption, fostering long-term resilience, while boosting productivity, growth, and innovation.

In 2023, governments and healthcare institutions are under growing pressure due to ageing populations and rising expenses, therefore they are turning to IT to attract clinical expertise and provide a unique, improved patient experience. The first step was the transition from paper to digital medical records, which made crucial data easier to access at the point of service. IT now has a role to play that goes beyond administration, assisting in improving outcomes for patients, employees, and organisations.

As Malaysia aims for a national rollout of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system by 2026 to streamline healthcare delivery in public healthcare facilities . It is only time before private healthcare providers are pushed in the same direction. This vision of centralised healthcare records comes with a big hurdle, especially for private healthcare providers who are burdened with high costs, constantly ensuring compliance, data security, enhancing patient care as well as the scalability of the technology they adopted.

Key Challenges in Centralizing Healthcare Data

1. Data silos

Healthcare data is often siloed, meaning that it is stored in separate systems and databases. This can make it difficult to access and share data, and it can also lead to data duplication and inaccuracies.

2. Data security and privacy

Healthcare data is some of the most sensitive data in the world, and it is essential to protect it from unauthorized access. This can be a complex challenge, as healthcare organizations need to balance the need for security with the need to share data for clinical purposes.

3. Interoperability

Different healthcare organizations use different systems and technologies, which can make it difficult to share data and information. This can lead to fragmented care and delays in treatment.

4. Cost

Centralizing healthcare data can be a costly undertaking, as it requires the development and implementation of new technologies and processes. This can be a barrier for healthcare organizations, especially those with limited resources.5. Regulations: The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and this can make it difficult to centralize data. Healthcare organizations need to comply with a variety of regulations, which can add to the cost and complexity of the process.

6. Scalability

As healthcare organizations grow and collect more data, the centralized system must be able to scale to accommodate increasing data volumes while maintaining performance.

How IGS Can Help?

Finding the perfect match for a technology innovation partner shouldn’t be an obstacle for healthcare providers in their journey towards digitalization. With the help of IGS and VMware Workspace ONE, healthcare organizations in Malaysia can attain their digital transformation goals with ease.

By leveraging on IGS’s expertise in implementation, we could help you in digitalization through:

  • Assessing your current IT environment and identify your needs.
  • Deployment and configuration of VMware Workspace ONE
  • Project management and IT services

Migrating your existing devices to VMware Workspace ONE wouldn’t be a problem with our team of certified professionals and our 2 decades worth of implementation experience can make this transition as smooth as possible.

So, what is VMware Workspace ONE?

It is a cloud-based platform that can assist healthcare organizations address challenges by providing a unified endpoint management solution for all devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This includes a number of features that can boost IT security and compliance.

These features include:

Centralized management:

VMware Workspace One provides a single pane of glass for managing all devices across an organization. This can help to reduce IT costs and complexity.

Secure delivery of applications and data:

VMware Workspace ONE can be used to securely deliver applications and data to users, regardless of their device or location. This can help to improve patient care and productivity.

Protection from malware and other threats:

VMware Workspace ONE includes a number of features that can help to protect user devices from malware and other threats. This can help to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Compliance with industry regulations:

VMware Workspace ONE can be used to help organizations comply with industry regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR. This can help to protect patient privacy and data security.

How Does This Benefit You?

Remote Work Availability, Anywhere You Are.

With VMware Workspace ONE, you may get a comprehensive everywhere working solution. To keep your clinical and non-clinical workers productive, unified endpoint management, virtual desktops, and identity and access management make it simple to deploy, onboard, maintain, and troubleshoot your hybrid workforce environment.

Create Compelling Digital Experiences for Inpatients

Utilise a single platform to support a wide range of device use cases. VMware Workspace ONE, which provides a single point of control for Windows, mobile, and rugged devices, makes it simple to decide how you want to utilise devices—for a variety of purposes, for a single specialised application, or securely shared between employees.

Provide Point-of-Care Delivery Anywhere

With “Tap, Turn, Treat,” access and device selection, VMware Workspace ONE supports virtual and dispersed clinical care by linking locations, providers, and patients with what they need at the right time. Unified endpoint management for all Windows, iOS, Android, and rugged devices simplifies the delivery and maintenance of any app on any device, everywhere, so you can focus on patients, not technology. With comprehensive analytics information that lets you discover and then proactively address at risk or poorly performing devices, you can provide an ideal experience for mission essential healthcare apps and services (e.g., telehealth). Implement a Zero Trust security approach to protect patient health information and reduce the risk of security breaches, threats, and data loss.

A Trusted Partner, At Each Turn.

As a leading system integrator and managed services provider in Malaysia, we are committed to making your journey towards digital transformation a remarkable one. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals, armed with industry-recognized certifications, is here to ensure you receive nothing less than expert guidance. Placing your business continuity and the delivery of exceptional customer care at the forefront, our services and solutions are meticulously matched to establish dependable and resilient IT ecosystems.

Our mission is to implement IT solutions that cater to your unique needs with unmatched attention to detail, ensuring they have the maximum impact on your success. We don’t just bring experience to the table; we bring precision and skill, too. We dedicate ourselves to tirelessly identifying and mitigating potential risks, ensuring that you can experience outstanding service anytime, anywhere. Your satisfaction and triumph are our utmost priorities, and we are committed to securing your brilliance in the digital age.

If you wish to explore the benefits of VMware Workspace One, talk to IGS today! We are eager to engage with you, offering a complimentary consultation to address your inquiries. Beyond our proficiency in VMware Workspace One, IGS boasts a profound comprehension of the healthcare sector. We are prepared to collaborate with you in tailoring a solution that aligns precisely with your distinctive needs and prerequisites.

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