Data Storage

Refined Data Storage Solutions

Effective data storage is pivotal, serving as the foundation for business intelligence, compliance, and operational efficiency. Proper storage safeguards your company’s vital information and is critical for long-term success.

At IGS, we match the right data storage solutions that focus on both scalability and cost-effectiveness for you. Our approach helps you manage growth while optimising costs, ultimately driving your business towards its goals.

Data Security

Fortify Your Data Fortress With IGS

In a digital age where data breaches can ruin reputations and incur hefty financial losses, robust data security is not just an option—it’s a necessity for maintaining trust and integrity.

IGS employs cutting-edge security measures and technologies to ensure that your data is not just stored but stored securely. We prioritise your data’s safety, keeping it invulnerable to unauthorised access and breaches.

Data Backup

A Safety Net for Your Business & Critical Data

In the fast-paced modern business environment, a single instance of data loss can bring operations to a standstill, affecting both revenue and reputation. A reliable back-up system is your insurance against such disruptions.

IGS offers robust and reliable data back-up solutions and services, ensuring that you have immediate access to your critical data whenever you need it. Our solutions and services are made to help your business build resilience against unforeseen disruptions and data losses.

Disaster Recovery

Build Assurance in Your Recovery Approach

A Disaster Recovery (DR) solution is pivotal in securing your data, minimizing downtime, and maintaining business continuity, especially in critical scenarios.

At IGS, our expertise lies in securing uninterrupted business operations and data availability in the midst of disruptive incidents. We specialize in enabling swift recovery from disasters, ensuring the preservation of exceptional service continuity for our clients.

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Experience Robust, Reliable Data Management with IGS

In a digital-first world, effective data management is no longer optional—it’s a business imperative. Don’t leave your data to change; reach out to us today to discuss how we can secure and optimise your data landscape.

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Data Recovery

Ensuring Seamless Operations for Your Business

Unexpected data loss, including ransomware incidents can be a nightmare for any business. Efficient and timely data recovery is crucial for minimising downtime and mitigating financial and operational risk.

IGS specialises in swift, streamlined data recovery services. Our focus is on minimising your downtime and restoring your critical data as rapidly as possible, so you can get back to business without missing a beat.

Data Migration

Streamlined Transitions, Zero Hassle

Data migration is often a necessary step for businesses looking to upgrade systems or shift to more effective platforms. However, it’s a process fraught with potential operational disruptions and data integrity risks.

At IGS, we manage the complexity for you. Our expert team ensures a smooth and efficient data migration process, carefully planned, and executed to minimise disruptions and maintain data integrity.

Why Choose IGS?

Gain a Competitive Edge With IGS’s Data Management Expertise

Your data deserves the best. IGS stands out with a multi-disciplinary team proficient in modern data management practices, ensuring you get the most efficient and effective solutions.

Leading Proficiency

IGS's multi-disciplinary team is proficient in modern data management practices, ensuring you receive the most effective solutions available.

Tailored Services

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our services are tailored to align perfectly with your specific business needs.

Reliable & Secure

Our commitment to excellence ensures high availability, consistency, and security in managing your data.

Our Coverage

Harness Our Partnership with Industry-Leading Brands

IGS collaborates with a select portfolio of industry-leading brands. This ensures that you have access to top-of-the-line tools and technologies, tailored to meet your specific data management needs.

Why Choose IGS?

Let’s Discuss Your Data Management Needs

Take control of your data management. Contact IGS today for a tailored consultation and discover how IGS can provide the solutions you need for business success.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    At IGS, we provide data management solutions and products from Veeam, Netapp, Dell, Huawei, HPE, Trend Micro and more. Reach out to us to find out more.

    Data backup, including IGS’s services, ensures data copies are safe in case of accidental loss. Disaster recovery, in partnership with IGS, involves broader plans with strategies and tools to restore everything to normal after a disaster. This helps businesses keep running, reduces downtime, and gets critical functions back on track.

    IGS stands ready to assist by providing the ideal platform or solutions that not only meets your current requirements but also adapts and expands to accommodate your future needs. Transition away from outdated legacy systems to attain your recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) efficiently, while also enhancing ransomware defence and bolstering data security for utmost reliability.

    Data stands as the cornerstone of modern business operations, possessing immense value. With the support of IGS, your organization will be able to uphold this value effectively:

    • Safeguard it against unauthorized access (confidentiality).
    • Preserve its integrity by maintaining consistency, accuracy, and reliability throughout its lifespan (integrity).
    • Ensure that authorized individuals and processes can access information consistently and promptly (availability).

    We remain at the forefront of evolving data management trends, consistently pioneering innovative methods. IGS’s data management solutions are adaptable to your business’s expansion, effectively accommodating growth and changing demands. Furthermore, our services are meticulously crafted to adhere to industry regulations and compliance standards, instilling a sense of confidence and assurance.

    To get started, reach out to us via the “Talk to Us” button for an initial consultation tailored to your data management needs.