Sustainable IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure, Made Sustainable

Sustainable IT infrastructure is all about implementing technology in ways that minimise environmental impact, maximise energy efficiency, and support corporate sustainability goals. For Malaysia as a rising digital economy, it’s a pivotal step towards a greener future.

Here at IGS, we champion this shift by implementing and delivering IT infrastructure that aligns with your specific sustainability goals. Our approach encompasses transformative practices – aligning your infrastructure with future-ready IT solutions.

IGS Green IT Services

Make Sustainable Change WithIGS’s Green IT Services

Enhance your IT environment with our sustainable IT Services to ensure that your business operations align better with the principles of sustainability. In an era where ecological stewardship, social responsibility, and stringent compliance norms rule, we can provide you with a means to navigate these complex waters.

As your dependable partner to traverse the challenges in managing your IT environment, IGS can aid you in integrating sustainability into your IT ecosystem. With the goal of helping you decrease operational footprints, and secure compliance with governance, we empower you to run your business, while we ensure it runs sustainably.

Data Protection

Safeguarding Data, Sustaining the Future

Data protection is not just a matter of governmental compliance, but a cornerstone of sustainable business practices. Proper handling and safeguarding of data builds trust with stakeholders and preserves the confidentiality of customers, employees, and corporate information.

Your data security is our upmost priority; hence we provide world class solutions to ensure its protection. Moving beyond a compliance-only mindset, we ensure the sanctity of your data through an end-to-end approach to cybersecurity and data protection.

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Our Sustainable Offerings

Embrace a Greener Future With IGS

Our innovative sustainable offerings make IGS a leading force in the sustainable tech space.


Accelerate your journey to the cloud with Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi-Cloud options.


Virtualization services that accelerate your transformation journey.


Protect and secure your business from unfortunate events.

Data Protection

Protect your confidential and critical business data from theft or abuse.

Back Up

Keep your valuable data safe and accessible with comprehensive backup.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity in the event of unexpected disasters.


Scalable, secure, and high-performance hardware and infrastructure.

Remote Workspace

Support and build high performing remote workforces.

Our Sustainable Services

Experience Sustainability Through Our Services

IGS Managed Services and IGS Support are designed to boost your business operations while upholding sustainability principles. IGS is committed to sustainability in the services we provide.

IGS Managed Services

Comprehensive IT Managed Services.

IGS Support

24/7 Onsite IT Support Services.

About IGS’s Sustainability Initiatives

An Advocate of Sustainable Technology

Integrated Global Solutions (IGS) is a leading system integrator in Malaysia, determined to make a difference. Our comprehensive approach is centred around five key sustainability pillars which form the backbone of our operations and are aligned with the latest sustainable initiatives.

Our 5 Key Pillars

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment as a leading system integrator is to prioritise the satisfaction of our customers. By incorporating their insights, we strive to enhance our solutions and services to meet the global standards for system integrators

We value our people, and we believe that our success is a direct reflection of the community we’ve built over 20 years. Our approach to talent development cultivates a growth mindset by offering endless growth opportunities. We are dedicated to enforcing a policy of zero tolerance towards discrimination and promoting the health and well-being of our employees. This includes creating a safe and comfortable workplace environment where individuals of all ethnicities, religions and genders feel valued, acknowledged, and supported.

We believe in giving back to our community. IGS is committed to making a positive impact, with special focus on supporting the underprivileged. We firmly believe that our annual community outreach programs are pivotal in our role of being a valued member of the Malaysian society.

We uphold stringent governance policies that include data protection, ISO compliance, anti-bribery and corruption measures, and PCI DSS compliance. We comply with local laws and regulations; and as part of Time Group’s family, we embrace the group’s policies and standardised practises.

One tiny act of preserving the environment can spark chan

Why Choose IGS?

Helping Malaysian Businesses Make the Green Switch

As a leading system integrator and managed services provider in Malaysia, IGS guides businesses towards sustainable digital transformation through innovative solutions, tailored services and dedicated expertise.

Certified Specialists

Our team comprises experienced professionals with industry-recognized certifications, ensuring you receive expert guidance.

Implementation Experience

We draw upon our extensive experience to implement sustainable IT solutions with precision and skill for optimal impact.

Risk Mitigation

Designed to identify and mitigate risks, our sustainable services and solutions provide you with reliable and robust IT environments.

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Discover how embracing sustainable tech solutions can not only benefit the planet but also create a powerful competitive advantage.

Here is what covered inside:

  • The Business Aspect of Sustainable Tech
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • The Role of System Integrators
  • The Future of Sustainable Tech
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Strategic Partners

Driving Excellence Together with Our Sustainable Partners

We proudly collaborate with globally recognised partners that share our vision of sustainability.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IGS leverages its vast experience and expert team to provide sustainable IT solutions, aligning with sustainability principles. We understand the unique needs of each business and ensure a perfect match between our solutions offerings with the customers’ IT environment to enhance sustainability.

    Our Managed Services helps to optimize IT infrastructure, implement energy-efficient solutions, and minimize resource consumption, directly contributing to your sustainability goals.

    Our services can help in optimizing energy-efficient IT infrastructure, IT operations, resource optimization, and data security, all contributing to your sustainability goals.

    Data protection is a critical part of any sustainability strategy as it safeguards your business from cyber threats, upholds data security and privacy, while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

    IGS services strictly adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring robust governance and compliance. Our tech specialists are highly experienced and well-versed in handling stringent governance, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and familiarity with the requirements.

    Businesses seeking to improve their sustainability performance across environmental, social, and governance aspects can benefit from IGS services. Our comprehensive approach caters to businesses of all sizes and sectors.