AVM Fusion-Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud hosting is a hybrid cloud data protection solution that backs up and replicates your data in addition to systems on-premises and AVM Cloud. In the event of data loss, you may restore the data from your local server directly. Following the occurrence of a major disaster, all your critical data and system will be powered up at AVM Cloud remote site to ensure your business continuity.

Cloud Services

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a multi-tenancy cloud computing service where tenants share the computer resources pool with others. Tenants can access various tier storage requirements based on the application needs, ensure cost savings and optimum performance. Focusing on enterprise core competency and not on IT, clients opting for this service can also take advantage of all other services from AVM Cloud. Using an OPEX model, you can have a lower total cost of ownership while being reliable and easy to use, set up and scale.

Cloud Services

Dedicated Cloud (DC)

Dedicated Cloud (DC) is a single-tenant cloud computing service that provides tenants’ own compute nodes for utmost security. DCs offer higher flexibility on data centre integration while avoiding noisy neighbour effects and ensuring optimal performance. Dedicated Cloud hosting is most suitable when customers require their exclusive resources. Their main advantage is reducing the cost of some software licenses to which the Iaas / PaaS environment does not cater.

Cloud Services

Cloud-in-a-Box (CIAB)

Build your private cloud at your own preferred designated location with our help. Tenants will obtain complete control and visibility in your environment. Cloud-in-a-box helps in tightening security policy and fulfilling industrial compliance. Cloud-in-a-box can be at your data centre, whereby it is not only limited to IaaS but also available for PaaS and Kubernetes Services. CIAB is proven and has a Scalable Software Defined architecture.

Why AVM Cloud?

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership

Having a proper cloud infrastructure allows you to reduce your business expenditures on expensive equipment. Instead of maintaining legacy and outdated backup systems, owning a cloud computing service in Malaysia can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business by 70%. With these savings, you can redirect investments into improving IT infrastructure or towards your business operations.

A Winning Formula

We strategically locate our multiple data centres across Malaysia using dark fibre connections. We guarantee the best connectivity, low latency, and reliable backup solutions at cost-efficient pricing.

Deep Security

Rest assured, knowing that your data will remain safe and sound with our Enterprise-Grade Security Solution by Trend Micro with anti-virus, anti-malware, deep security, and APT.

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Local Support

Providing our services locally makes it easier to support our clients. Our cloud solutions come with 24/7 call, email, and on-site support, creating the best cloud computing experience for you.

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