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IGS provides a comprehensive suite of cloud offerings tailored to drive business efficiency, agility, and continuity.

Sovereign Cloud

Sovereign Cloud is a fully Malaysian-controlled cloud environment designed for businesses operating in Malaysia. It ensures that your data stays within national borders, offering a host of legal and compliance advantages that are crucial for any company.

AVM Cloud offers this cloud service that adheres strictly to local laws and regulations. By choosing AVM’s Sovereign Cloud, you are ensuring a secure and compliant ecosystem that is crucial for your business operations within Malaysia.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud offers scalable computing resources that you can tap into on a pay-as-you-go basis. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing fluctuating or unpredictable demands.

Gain unparalleled flexibility with IGS  our Public Cloud offerings. You can choose to swiftly adapt to market changes through effective resource allocation, allowing you to scale seamlessly based on your operational needs with IGS.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers an isolated, secure environment tailored specifically for your unique business needs. This service is ideal for hosting mission-critical applications that require enhanced security measures and customisation options.

Acquiring Private Cloud services with IGS, allows you to custom-build to meet your specific requirement within a secure and isolated environment. Put your feet up and unwind, as your private cloud will be fully managed and maintained by IGS’s team of cloud experts.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the best of both worlds, combining elements of both public and private clouds. This enables you to optimise your resources in a cost-efficient manner while maintaining high levels of security and control.

With IGS’s Hybrid Cloud services, you can get the best of both worlds; flexibility and efficient cloud environment. This empowers you to easily manage and allocate resources in a way that is most beneficial for your specific business needs.


Multi-Cloud is an approach that involves using multiple cloud services to fulfil a variety of business requirements. It offers the flexibility to choose the best services from different cloud providers, thereby reducing dependency risks.

Experience comprehensive set of services that can be mixed and matched through implementing Multi-Cloud with IGS! This flexibility allows you to select the most appropriate cloud services for your specific operational requirements.

Cloud in a Box

Cloud-in-a-Box offers an all-inclusive cloud solution that is easy to deploy, making it ideal for businesses looking for a streamlined cloud setup. It simplifies the process of adopting cloud technologies by providing all essential components in one package.

Hassle-free cloud experience is our priority with Cloud-in-a-Box service. From quick deployment and integration to reducing the time and resources required to transition to the cloud, you’ll experience the ease and breeze in your journey.

Cloud Container & Kubernetes

Cloud Container & Kubernetes solutions offer businesses the ability to deploy, manage, and scale applications using containerized workloads. This approach enhances flexibility and ensures efficient use of resources.

IGS specialises in providing Cloud Container & Kubernetes services. With our expertise, your business can easily deploy containerized applications, ensuring they are scalable, manageable, and optimally utilise resources.

Cloud Security

Fortifying Your Business With Cloud Security

Cloud computing, while offering scalability and flexibility, can sometimes pose challenges such as data breaches and unauthorised access. We take a strong stance against these risks by implementing advanced encryption techniques, secure data transit protocols, and multi-factor authentication processes.

Our comprehensive approach to cloud security safeguards your business against harmful threats. At IGS, we are dedicated to ensuring the continuous protection of your data and applications. We offer cloud security solutions that provides end to end coverage for your cloud environment, where security and business continuity are the priorities.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep Your Business Up 24/7 With Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

The potential for downtime and data loss is a pressing concern for any business. That’s why Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery are crucial elements in our cloud service offerings. By providing automated backup procedures to securely capture and store your vital data, we ensure quick recovery when needed.

Our disaster recovery services are not just about restoring lost data. We aim to quickly bring your applications, data, and systems back online, reducing the impact of any interruptions to your business. Gain an extra layer of protection against unforeseen challenges.

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Strategic collaborations with leading technology companies further enrich our service offerings. These partnerships enable us to provide solutions that are not just efficient but also finely tuned to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a wide range of cloud services including Sovereign, Public, Private, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, and more.

    As a prominent cloud service provider in Malaysia, our team of professionals holds the latest industry accreditations and possesses a profound knowledge of cloud technology.

    Our cloud services offer flexibility, cost-efficiency, and enhanced security, tailored to your unique business needs.

    We acquire and uphold pertinent industry certifications and compliance standards, including ISO 27001 and ISO/IEC 27017:2015, showcasing our dedication to safeguarding data and ensuring security.

    We have strategic partnerships with leading tech giants such as Microsoft Azure, AVM Cloud and more to provide you with reliable and efficient cloud services.

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