Ransomware Protection for Businesses

Shielding Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks remain a formidable threat to enterprises, paralysing operations, encrypting critical data, and demanding payment for its release. Protecting your digital infrastructure against these attacks is not just about security; it is about ensuring your business’s survival.

IGS designs ransomware protection strategies to pre-emptively secure your organisation’s sensitive information and operational capabilities from these malicious threats, employing advanced detection, prevention, and response technologies.

Ransomware Protection Solutions

Building Cyber Resilience,Comprehensive Protection for Your Enterprise

From endpoint defence to network security and recovery solutions, IGS offers a multi-layered approach to ransomware protection. We aid in deploying solutions to detect, prevent, and respond to threats, ensuring your enterprise’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs)

Countless businesses today fail to secure themselves from ransomware attacks due to unsecured and easily infiltrative endpoints like personal devices connected to your enterprise network. Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) are crucial and acts as the first line of defence in defending these critical entry points against sophisticated cyber threats.

IGS's EPP offerings integrates comprehensive endpoint protection, including EDR, application control, and vulnerability management, offering a robust shield across all endpoints. This proactive defence mechanism ensures early threat detection and swift response, safeguarding your business's critical assets.

Network Security Solutions

A lack of robust network defences exposes organisations to ransomware infiltrations, jeopardising sensitive data and critical operations. Securing the network perimeter is thus crucial for any comprehensive cyber defence strategy.

Our Network Security offerings employ next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to create a formidable barrier against malicious traffic. By monitoring and empowering you with full access management to your network, IGS ensures that threats are neutralised before they can cause harm, protecting your infrastructure from the edge inward.

Ransomware attacks often aim to encrypt vital data, leaving businesses in a precarious position without secure and accessible backups. Therefore, effective backup and recovery solutions are critical for resilience and continuity.

IGS's Backup & Recovery offerings provide secure, encrypted cloud backups and offsite data storage, ensuring your data is recoverable during an attack. Our comprehensive disaster recovery planning minimises downtime and data loss, enabling a swift return to normal operations.

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Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Traditional security measures can miss sophisticated ransomware attacks, leaving enterprises vulnerable to extensive damage. Extended Detection and Response (XDR) offers an advanced solution to this problem, providing cross-layered detection and response.

IGS offers XDR solutions that collects and automatically correlates data across multiple security layers—email, endpoint, server, cloud workload, and network—enhancing threat detection and accelerating response times. This integrated approach ensures a higher security analysis and incident resolution level, crucial for modern cyber resilience.

Email Security Gateways

Critical for intercepting phishing emails and malicious attachments that often serve as gateways for ransomware.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA provides an additional verification step for bolstering user account security, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised access that could lead to ransomware compromise.

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About IGS

Protecting Malaysian Enterprises fromMalicious Ransomware

With decades of experience, IGS is one of Malaysia’s leading ransomware protection solutions providers. Our mission is to defend and shield Malaysian businesses from the devastating economic and reputational impacts of cyber-attacks by equipping them with the latest innovative technology.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses more than just immediate threat neutralisation, recovery, and strategic planning. We can also aid in preparing you and your business with effectively secure network and IT infrastructure to remain fortified against future threats.

Why IGS?

Choose IGS for First ClassRansomware Protection

IGS is your premier ransomware defence partner, offering unmatched protection, resilience, and recovery capabilities.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our solutions protect every aspect of your digital landscape, from endpoints to networks.

Proactive Defence

Advanced detection and response capabilities to identify and mitigate threats before they escalate.

Reliable Recovery

Ensuring minimal downtime with robust backup and recovery strategies.

Innovative Technology

Utilising the latest in cybersecurity technology for superior protection.

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Expert Guidance

Our team provides expert insights and support, guiding you through today's cybersecurity challenges.

Adaptive Solutions

Continuously updated defences to keep pace with evolving ransomware tactics.

Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Enterprise Security

Collaborating with global cybersecurity leaders, IGS brings advanced ransomware protection capabilities to safeguard your enterprise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IGS assesses your specific business environment and threat landscape to provide insights on ransomware protection solutions that align with your operational requirements and risk profile, ensuring optimal security coverage and resilience against cyber threats.

    What distinguishes IGS is our integrated approach, combining endpoint protection, network security, advanced threat detection with XDR, and robust recovery solutions backed by a team of cybersecurity experts providing continuous support and guidance.

    IGS ensures comprehensive coverage by employing a multi-layered security strategy that includes endpoint protection, network defences, email security, and multi-factor authentication, alongside continuous monitoring and advanced threat intelligence to pre-emptively identify and neutralise threats.

    IGS caters to a diverse clientele, including multinational corporations, enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses across various industries, with a strong focus on financial services and banking.

    With over 20 years of experience, our team of certified specialists has the expertise to deliver seamless ransomware protection implementation, minimizing disruption to your operations.