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Network Services and Solutions for Today’s Enterprises

In a world driven by connectivity, ensuring that your business has a reliable, secure, and efficient network is paramount. Discover IGS’s suite of network services and solutions designed to bolster your business and allow you to stay connected securely, efficiently and reliably.

Network Integration

Network integration can be powerful in helping enterprises streamline operations. Whether it is beating the complexity or ensuring compatibility; network integration is a crucial part of mobilizing digital transformation.

Leverage on IGS’s capabilities in integrating new networks with legacy systems to provide you with a unified and optimized network environment. Our tailored approached to implementing solutions that fits your specific needs combined with our in-depth knowledge and project management capabilities, ensures that your network integration journey is seamless.

Network Monitoring

Constant vigilance is crucial to maintain a network's health. Whether it is monitoring for performance, availability, security or traffic of the network; spotting potential issues before they escalate is crucial in ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Gain increased visibility and control over your operations with IGS. Keep a watchful eye on your network’s performance, ensuring it operates at its peak, while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Network Security

The digital landscape is riddled with potential threats and protecting networks from unauthorized access, or destruction is essential for any organization that relies on a computer network to operate. Malware, phishing or other cyber-attacks could lead to damaging consequences to your organization.

Our network security solutions will ensure your business remains protected against emerging threats and vulnerabilities; we’re ready to guard your precious assets with state-of-the-art network security solutions matched with our certified professionals. From firewalls, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to APT (Advance Persistent Threat), we’ll guard your environment from threats known and unknown.

Network Optimisation

Optimizing network traffic is a pivotal aspect for any business, ensuring efficient data flow, minimized latency, and enhanced overall network performance. It's about creating a network infrastructure that supports seamless operations and provides a superior user experience.

Our network optimization strategy centres on optimizing network traffic and enhancing network resilience. Ensuring that if one network link experiences issues, traffic is automatically rerouted.

Additionally IGS provides VMware SD-WAN solutions that has the capability to seamlessly integrate with cloud services and applications, optimizing performance for users accessing cloud resources. This solution is not only scalable, adapting to the evolving needs of different-sized businesses, but also ensures your network infrastructure is robust and future-ready.

Network Load Balancing

Ensuring equitable distribution of network traffic in a variety of applications, including web servers, application servers, database servers, and more to prevents bottlenecks is crucial for a streamlined operation.

IGS's network load balancing solutions ensure that your network resources are utilised effectively, guaranteeing optimal performance even during high traffic periods. Trust us to keep your network flowing smoothly, without unwanted congestions.

Network Hardware & Solutions

Relieve your IT team from the task of meticulously matching network hardware and solutions. Let them focus on their expertise—ensuring your network runs seamlessly without interruptions.

Streamline the acquisition of network hardware and solutions effortlessly with IGS. We possess the expertise to recommend performance-driven options that align with your needs, featuring compatibility and cost-effectiveness. Take advantage of our experts who will empower you to make informed decisions in optimizing your network environment.

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About IGS

IGS, The Gold Standard in Network Integration

Founded on the principles of integrity, commitment, and excellence, IGS has proven itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking seamless network solutions. Our expertise stems from years of experience and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to understanding your business needs, designing solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. With IGS, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in a partnership.

An onsite IT engineer from IGS helping a client with managing their IT environment through their IT managed services.

Leverage the Top IT Talent

Harness the power of industry-leading experts, trained to provide solutions that align with your business goals.

A Plan for Success

Every business is unique. We craft bespoke approaches, ensuring your network serves as a catalyst for growth.

Certified & Experienced

Our team boasts a wealth of certifications and experience, guaranteeing solutions that adhere to global standards.

Delivering Excellence

We don't just provide services; we commit to excellence, ensuring every solution amplifies your business potential.

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Global Standards, Local Expertise

IGS combines global best practices with regional insights, to offer unparalleled, adaptive network services.

VMware NSX

Elevate your network security, flexibility, and application continuity with IGS and VMware NSX. Collaborating with industry-leading specialists at IGS unveils decades of expertise and capabilities in effectively managing VMware NSX solutions, positioning you to gain a distinct competitive edge.

VMware SD-Wan

Simplifying branch networking, improving application performance and centralizing cloud-delivered services becomes a reality with IGS and VMware SD-WAN. Our experts are poised to assist you in harnessing the full potential of VMware SD-WAN, ultimately elevating your network connectivity and efficiency.

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IGS’s strength lies not just in our ability but also in our collaborations. Partnering with global tech giants, we bring you solutions that are a class apart.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IGS serves a diverse range of industries, from finance to healthcare, providing world class solutions to fit industry-specific needs.

    Absolutely. Whether you’re a budding start-up or an established enterprise, IGS provides solutions and services that can support your requirement and scale with your growth.

    Continuous training, industry certifications and collaborations with industry leaders ensure we stay at the forefront of network solutions.

    Our expertise, unique approach and methodology for each customer, coupled with a commitment for excellence, positions us as leaders in offering network services and solutions.