Network Management & Infrastructure Monitoring

Manage Your Network,Monitor Your Infrastructure

In today’s digital landscape, managing your network and monitoring your infrastructure are critical to maintaining operational integrity and achieving business objectives. Efficient network management ensures your operations run seamlessly, while thorough infrastructure monitoring protects against unforeseen disruptions.

IGS provides a robust suite of services to oversee your network and IT infrastructure. By employing advanced technologies and methodologies, we ensure your systems are optimized, resilient, and secure, enabling your business to thrive in a competitive environment.

Network Management & Infrastructure Offerings

Expert Network Management &Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions

IGS’s suite of network management and infrastructure monitoring services is designed to cater to the diverse needs of Malaysian businesses. Our solutions ensures operational efficiency, enhanced security, and unparalleled system reliability.


Network Visibility

Visibility into your network's performance is vital for identifying potential issues before they escalate. It enables informed decision-making and optimizes network operations.

IGS's network visibility offerings provide a comprehensive overview of your network's health, using cutting-edge tools to monitor traffic flow and pinpoint vulnerabilities, ensuring peak performance and minimal downtime.

Network Management

Effective network management streamlines operations, reduces costs, and improves service quality by ensuring your network is always running at its optimal capacity.

Our network management solution at IGS includes optimizing your network infrastructure, leveraging advanced technologies to ensure reliability and efficiency across your operations.

Network Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your network is crucial for detecting anomalies and preventing potential outages or security breaches, keeping your business operations seamless.

IGS employs sophisticated monitoring tools that offer real-time insights and alerts, enabling quick response to any issues, thereby maintaining uninterrupted business continuity.

Network Security

Protecting your network against cyber threats is paramount for safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining trust with your clients and stakeholders.

Our network security offerings at IGS include the latest in cybersecurity technologies, from firewalls to intrusion detection systems, ensuring your network remains impenetrable to external threats.


IT Monitoring

A comprehensive solution that ensures multiple aspects of your IT infrastructure are functioning optimally, preventing disruptions in business processes.

Windows Monitoring

Specialised monitoring for Windows environments, ensuring system health, performance, and security are always at their best.

Linux Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your network is crucial for detecting anomalies and preventing potential outages or security breaches, keeping your business operations seamless.

Physical Server Monitoring

Ensures your physical servers are performing optimally, monitoring for any signs of issues to prevent downtime.

SNMP Monitoring

Utilises the Simple Network Management Protocol to monitor network devices for enhanced performance and reliability.

Agent Base Monitoring

Employs software agents installed on devices to closely monitor and report on their status and health.

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About IGS

Your Partner for Network &IT Infrastructure Excellence

IGS is a leading provider of network management and infrastructure monitoring solutions in Malaysia, dedicated to ensuring that your network and IT infrastructure are not just operational but optimized for peak performance.

Our team of experts leverages the latest technologies and best practices to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your business is well-equipped to handle the challenges of today’s digital world.

Why Choose IGS?

Empowering Resilient Networks &Robust Infrastructure

IGS stands out as your ideal partner for network management and infrastructure monitoring, offering unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

From visibility to security, our offerings cover various aspect of network and infrastructure management.

Certified Specialists

Our specialists, certified and knowledgeable have capabilities through the successful management of various projects.

Advanced Technologies

We use the latest technologies to provide detailed insights and secure your network infrastructure.

Industry Experts

Leverage on over 2 decades of expertise, consistently delivering excellence.

Customised Strategies

Every solution is crafted to meet the specific needs and goals of your business.

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Reliable Local Support

Our local Malaysian support team is always ready to assist, ensuring your network operates smoothly 24/7.

Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships with GlobalTechnology Leaders for Enhanced Solutions

Our collaborations with leading technology providers enable us to offer the most advanced and efficient network management and monitoring solutions available.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IGS’s network management services stand out due to our comprehensive approach that covers various aspect of network management and infrastructure monitoring, leveraging advanced technologies and a team of specialists to ensure peak performance and reliability for your business operations.

    IGS ensures your network’s security by implementing the latest cybersecurity technologies, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

    Our solutions allow you to monitor:

    • IT Infrastructure
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Physical Servers
    • SNMP
    • Agent Base

    IGS offers robust support for our monitoring solutions, including real-time assistance, troubleshooting, and optimization services. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring your network and infrastructure remain operational and efficient 24/7.

    IGS’s network visibility solutions provide detailed insights into your network’s health, enabling informed decision-making and early detection of issues. This comprehensive overview ensures optimal network performance, minimizes downtime, and supports smoother business operations.

    IGS employs a variety of cutting-edge technologies for infrastructure monitoring, including SNMP and agent-based monitoring tools, to offer detailed insights and alerts. These technologies enable us to monitor performance, detect anomalies, and ensure the health of your IT infrastructure.