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About IGS

Pioneering innovative solutions,the first VMware Premium Partner in Malaysia

IGS prides ourselves on being the first VMware Premium partner in Malaysia. Our team are certified experts in the field with comprehensive knowledge of VMware solutions, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of service and support. Our dedication to quality and support makes us the go-to partner for the VMware needs of Malaysian enterprises.

VMware Solutions

Transform your business with VMware solution offerings from IGS

Accelerate your digital transformation with IGS’s comprehensive range of VMware solutions, designed to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance performance.

IGS team members providing expert VMware solutions as a certified VMware Partner Malaysia.

Offering secure access to apps from any device, anywhere. Enhance productivity with our remote work and digital workplace solutions.

A team meeting at IGS, demonstrating their commitment as a VMware Partner in Malaysia.

App Platform

Build and operate cloud-native apps seamlessly. Tap into the potential of the cloud and accelerate your software development and delivery.

IGS specialists offering a demo of VMware solutions as a prominent VMware Reseller in Malaysia.

Run enterprise applications anywhere. Our expert implementation ensures a resilient, scalable, and secure environment for your applications.

The management of a cloud server through one of IGS' VMware solutions.

Optimise and automate applications and cloud environment for optimal resource management and enhanced performance.

IGS professionals working on VMware projects, a leading VMware Partner in Malaysia.

Edge Infrastructure

Deploy multi-cloud edge capabilities with our solutions. Unified edge-cloud service model for secure, anywhere communication.

Robust connectivity for apps and clouds with networking solution. Automate workloads and gain visibility across all clouds.

A view of IGS's server room, where the team works as a dedicated VMware Distributor and Reseller in Malaysia.

Fortify your apps and cloud environments with our robust measures. Detect and eliminate threats with strong lateral security.

Why choose IGS?

Discover why IGS is the right choice for your VMware needs in Malaysia

Experience the full potential of VMware technology with our range of VMware solutions, designed to unlock new possibilities, improve efficiency, and enhance security for your business.

A screenshot of VMware products offered by IGS, a reputable VMware Reseller in Malaysia.

Certified Professionals

Our team members are certified experts in implementing VMware solutions.

Consultation session at IGS, a recognized VMware Partner Malaysia.

Reliable & Secure

Reliability and security for all VMware solutions. Safeguarding your data and infrastructure.

The IGS office, home to the top VMware Distributor in Malaysia.

24/7 Local Support

Local Malaysian-based IT support, 24/7. Personalised, timely, and affordable assistance.

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Start your digital transformation with IGS, your VMware partner in Malaysia

Begin your journey with us through an initial consultation with one of our VMware specialists. We’re here to understand and cater to your specific needs, leveraging our expertise and VMware’s cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional value.