Let’s explore the journey of the formidable women in IGS as they share their thoughts and stories working in the tech industry of Malaysia.



Meet Joey, a Marketing grad who’s now a senior sales manager at IGS, crushing it in sales acquisition for 15 amazing years in the tech industry!


  • What are you most grateful for in your journey?

I’m super grateful for the awesome guidance I received when learning how to manage customers from different backgrounds and industries. Let’s face it, the industry can be cutthroat at times and working in a male-dominated environment requires some serious thick skin! But hey, you gotta keep your focus and not let anyone sway you!

  •  What’s your advice for younger women aspiring to work in tech?

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says to you, what matters is what you tell yourself and you need to be honest with yourself about what your end goals are.




Say hello to Fatin, the electrical engineering grad who’s now a rockstar at managing L1 support enquiries for clients! IGS is her very first tech job!


  • Is it hard to adapt to the tech industry?

The tech industry was a total switch up from my background in manufacturing, but thanks to IGS, I’ve had an easy transition! I needed a lot of guidance in the beginning and I’m lucky that i had the kind guidance from my team to make sure i was on the right track! In this role, I’ve definitely leveled up my management and communication skills too.

  •  What’s your advice to younger women aspiring to work in tech?

We can do anything we put our mind to! Learn to have confidence in your skills and capabilities, you can do more than you actually think.




From Music Production to managing ongoing projects at IGS, Amy is killing it in the tech industry! And to top it off, she just celebrated her third year in tech! You go, Amy!


  • How has IGS supported you in your career change?

IGS provided me a platform to refine my soft skills and utilize them in a highly technical field while providing me plenty of support! There is a sense of camaraderie at IGS which is extremely reassuring when tackling difficult situations!

  • What is it like to manage a team of mostly men?

it does call for a more direct approach most of the time, but at IGS, we’ve created a fun, collaborative, and supportive environment. With everyone focused on the task at hand, we work together to overcome obstacles and create a productive workplace.

  •  What’s your advice for younger women aspiring to work in tech?

If the industry calls out to you, or there is any curiosity about it, just give it a go given the opportunity. It is fast paced, ever changing; things can get tricky, but it is all part of the package.



Say hello to Farhain, the electrical engineering grad who’s now a total pro at managing L1 support enquiries for clients! She’s been slaying it in the tech industry for 7 years!


  • What’s the best skills that you’ve picked up while working in IGS?

I definitely learned to have a tough face from receiving constructive criticism which helped me become more efficient and specialized in my field.

  • What is it like being a woman in tech?

Things can get tough sometimes, and I’ll need to brave through the rough days but in the same time, things can turn 180 degrees and become so good. It’s an entire ride and I’ve enjoyed the rewards together with the challenges.

  • What’s your advice for younger women aspiring to work in tech?

Learn to discern between the work and your emotional responses! The IT industry is an adventurous one, and if you’re up for the challenge and can manage your stress levels well, then this is the industry for you!


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