Visibility is a method for comprehending and utilizing log data in order to improve IT sphere. Ideally, this data is collected from multiple systems and centralized for better correlation and analysis. This promotes innovation, big-picture thinking, and improved security.

  • The Importance of Security Visibility

Improving visibility is essential for security practitioners to avoid missing issues they can’t see. Threat actors rely on the cacophony of logs, systems, tools, teams, procedures, and silos to remain undetected

  • Risk in Security Visibility

Monitoring your security posture helps you to reduce the impact of security incidents. It allows you to improve IT performance, plan for upgrades and new projects, determine when to retire something that no longer meets your needs or deliverables, or assess whether changes or updates will adversely affect production workloads.

  • Benefits of Security Visibility

The risks of security visibility can range from data breaches to your company’s brand image. Security teams must ensure that the data gathered is both useful and secure. Otherwise, the company will be operating in the dark, unable to conduct necessary audits, detect threats, or understand risk. It’s critical to keep track of which vulnerabilities exist in your network and who has access to sensitive information.

  • Enhancing Visibility Methods

In the security industry, visibility comes in various of types, so knowing the problem you need to address is crucial in picking the visibility elements you want. Focus on the result you need by deeper understanding of visibility and its role in safeguarding your project, system, or application.

5 Reasons Is The Right Choice

1. Reliability

NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow switches performs at line rate  with no bottlenecks

2. Active Security Design

The nGenius software-based tool chaining enables you to organise your security systems into a highly customizable virtual chain.

3. Security Optimized

You don’t have to fret about active security systems interrupting the network or producing false negatives when you use nGenius®.

4. Unique Packet Conditioning Abilities

nGenius packet flow switches provide unique functionality like de-duplication and micro-burst measurement and mitigation.

5. Hard-ware Accelerated Performance

Rest assured that you are in good hands. Over 20,000 business customers embrace NETSCOUT solutions!

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