visits were made by users on average to fraud websites daily and at least 100 brands were attacked!


of all scams were observed in social media. Social media became the number one channel for the distribution of scams in the Asia Pacific region.

Digital Brand Protection 101

Did you know that cybercriminals can impersonate your brands in a variety of ways, causing harm through the open web, dark web, social networks, email, mobile applications, and other digital channels. Hence, digital brand protection is the key in securing your brand or all your intellectual properties (IPs) through a comprehensive data sourcing and mitigation of extrinsic threat targeted to your organisation. Turn that frown upside down because IGS can help you protect your brand through end-to-end and proactive detection capabilities against online abuses!

What Happens Without Brand Protection?

Nobody likes impersonators, especially when they cost you money. Without digital brand protection, you’re susceptible to brand abuse, legal issues, copyright privacy violations, trademark squatting, counterfeit products, tarnished digital reputation and the lists goes on. On top of that, your revenue and growth will decrease from losing perceived credibility and frail online presence.

For example, IP infringement that resulted in a legal case have been proven to have a detrimental impact on a company’s stock and investors’ trust. This is irrelevant of whether the firm is on the winning side of the lawsuit. This matter is costly for an organization and has the potential to harm its reputation. As a result, getting digital brand protection is regarded as a better option since it helps businesses avoid high legal fees and provides them control over their reputation. Hence, protection is better than cure!

Protection is Better than Cure!

Why should you bother with digital brand protection? Well, for starters, you’d have all your IP rights protected! Cybersecurity threats could be detected, deflected, or managed, your market share as well as trust from your key shareholders will increase thus attracting the right investors to your brand. Your profits and your reputation will be unreachable for cybercriminals because you choose to protect what’s important.

Time is of the essence when it comes to digital risk protection, and we could be your partner in fiercely protecting your brand through comprehensive analysis and reporting of your trademarked data in the multi-faceted digital world. Talk with us today and we’ll hunt down cybercriminals together with you.

With Digital Brand Protection, you will be secured from :

1. Scams

2. Phishing

3. Sensitive data leaks

4. Intellectual Property abuse

5. Fake mobile apps & advertising

And more!

How Digital Risk Protection Works 

Step 1  : Monitor Digital Asssets



•Online Marketplace

•Deep & Dark Web

•Phishing Databases

•Search engine

•Social Medias

Step 2 : Detects Infringements

Violation Types



IP Abuse

Fake Social Media

Sensitive Data Leaks


Step 3: Eliminates Violation





With Group IB’s protection and IGS’s industry experts, you’ll be safe from cyber-threats before it attacks you. 

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