Always Sleepy During Midweek? Join Us Instead!

Are you looking for a fun midweek activity to tickle you out of your snooze?
You might be in for a treat! Crafting cups of coffee requires a lot of care, from the farmers who tend to the red-ripe coffee cherries to the master roasters who coax the best out of each bean to the barista who serves it with love. Learn more about the delicacy of coffee with Starbucks, the world renowned coffee vendor with 33,833 stores in over 80 countries !

In this masterclass, you’ll explore all about coffee beans, brewing methods, as well as food pairing in an interactive Starbucks coffee journey together with NetApp & IGS. Come and join us for this fun networking session while learning what it takes to make your own perfect cup!

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Event Details 
Date:  Wednesday, 23rd November 2022
Time : 10:00AM onwards
Location : Starbucks Reserve (G Floor) , Midvalley

You’ll get a completion certificate and a mystery gift from Netapp & IGS when you join the masterclass!

*Seating is limited, on a first come, first serve basis

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