Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030 urges quick adoption of digital tech. To keep up, it’s crucial to speed up our digital transformation. We’ve crafted a roadmap to guide your company through this change. Adapt as required as these phases can help kickstart your journey toward a more competitive and digitally advanced state.

Step 1 : Virtualization Is Your Best Friend

Turning a server, storage device, or network into a software version of its physical form is known as virtualization;. This allows digital resources to be used in the same way as if it were the actual physical entity.

Benefits of Virtualization in Digital Transformation

Cost Efficient: Virtualization cuts costs by using less physical hardware, saving on equipment, power, and maintenance.

Smart Resources Allocation: Virtualization allocates your resources more efficiently, adjusting as needed for better performance.

Be Quick and Flexible: Virtualization makes it easy to deploy and match or scale your IT resources to match what your business needs

Improved Performance and Growth: It often improves how well everything runs and lets you easily grow or shrink as your business changes.

Deciphering Virtualization With IGS

Unlock Virtualization Experts: Our specialists will focus on your goals, whether it’s cutting costs or increasing scalability. Your requirements are our priority.

Diverse Range of Virtualization Solutions: From application to network, we provide a comprehensive selection suited for your requirements.

Centralized Management: A centralized management tool will be deployed for your ease to manage resources and your system’s performance.

IGS Support At Your FingertipsAdopting new tech can be a learning curve. With IGS Support, we’re available 24/7, remote or onsite, based on your preference!


Step 2 : Monitor Your Infrastructure’s Health

Infrastructure monitoring is the practice of keeping a close eye on your IT systems—like servers, networks, and applications. It involves tracking performance, detecting issues, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring in Digital Transformation:

Spot Problems Early: Monitoring helps catch problems early on, preventing them from turning into bigger issues that can disrupt operations.

Better Performance: By constantly checking how your systems are doing, you can optimize their performance, ensuring a smoother digital experience.

Smart Resource Use: It helps you allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that your IT infrastructure meets the demands of your digital transformation

Informed Decision-Making: Monitoring provides real-time data, allowing for informed decision-making based on the current state of your IT systems.

Unparallel Infrastructure Monitoring With IGS

Certified Professionals In Monitoring: Our team of professionals have the experience and the skillset to cater to your specific infrastructure monitoring needs.

Diverse Range of Monitoring Solutions: From application, server to log monitoring, we provide a comprehensive selection suited for your requirements.

Experts in Infrastructure Architecture: Harness two decades of our tech industry expertise to comprehend the intricacies of your infrastructure.

IGS Managed Services For Your Ease: Don’t let a shortage of manpower hinder your IT environment oversight; opt for IGS Managed Services instead.


Step 3 : Managing Your Networks

Network management involves overseeing and optimizing the performance of computer networks; including tasks such as monitoring, configuring, and maintaining network resources to ensure they operate efficiently.

Benefits of Network Management in Digital Transformation

Optimized Performance: Network management ensures that your digital systems run smoothly, providing reliable and efficient connectivity.

Proactive Issue Resolution: It allows for the early detection and resolution of network issues before they disrupt digital operations.

Improved Collaboration: A well-managed network facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among digital tools, enhancing overall productivity.

Customer Experience Enhancement: A well-managed network ensures that digital services are consistently available and responsive; enhancing customer experience.

Effortless Network Management With IGS

Take Charge of Your Networks: Our solutions empower you with control over your networks, from visibility and management to monitoring.

Seamless Integration of Systems & Network: Our experts can aid you in integration of your networks with legacy systems to ensure a unified system of networks.

Comprehensive Selection of Solutions: From performance, availability to traffic, we can help you optimize your network to ensure streamlined operations.

Security For A Peace of Mind: We deploy state-of-the-art network security solutions to ensure the fortification of your network from cyberthreats & attacks.


Step 4 : Adopt Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing allows users to access and use computing resources like servers, storage, databases, or networks over the internet. Instead of owning a physical hardware, users can leverage these resources.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation:

Cost Efficiency: Cloud computing eliminates the need for upfront investment in physical infrastructure, reducing costs.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Users can access cloud services from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility & accessibility

Rapid Deployment: Cloud services can be quickly deployed, reducing time-to-market for new products or services and minimized downtime for your business

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Cloud services often include robust backup and recovery options, enhancing business continuity in case of unexpected events.

Soar To The Clouds With IGS

Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud? : Gain strategic planning with our experts who will provide you a holistic approach on adopting cloud based on your needs.

Scalability as Easy as 1, 2, 3 : Effortlessly increase your resources as your business expands; ensuring that your capabilities match your growth.

Expert Guidance At Every Step : Our certified experts will help you in every step you take in adopting cloud; ensuring you have a seamless transition into the clouds.

Guardians of You & Your Cloud: Your cloud security is a non-negotiable; benefit from our cloud security, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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