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Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030 urges quick adoption of digital tech. To keep up, it’s crucial to speed up our digital transformation. We’ve crafted a roadmap to guide your company through this change. Adapt as required as these phases can help kickstart your journey toward a more competitive and digitally advanced state. 


Step 5 : Upgrade Your Hardware

Legacy hardware can significantly hinder your business continuity. Outdated tech is often unreliable, prone to breakdowns, lags behind in performance and security features to support modern business operations.

Benefits of Hardware Upgrade in Digital Transformation

Enhanced PerformanceNewer hardware boasts faster processing speeds, and improved memory capacity, resulting to increased efficiency and agility.

Boost ProductivityFaster boot times, seamless application switching, and intuitive interfaces reduce downtime and frustration and deliver results.

Enhanced SecurityUpgrading to newer hardware with robust security features helps protect your sensitive data while ensuring business continuity.

Improved ScalabilityNewer hardware enables scalability, allowing you to easily add resources and expand your computing power as your requirements evolve

Simplicity In Hardware Upgrade With IGS

Experts In Hardware SolutionLeverage on our 20 years of experience in helping you choose the hardware solution that would fit your business like a glove.

Personalized ApproachEvery business is unique, and so are its IT needs. Our experts will have a personalized approach to your needs with ease.

Caring For Your FutureYour business should grow just as you do, and we’ll help you get there by ensuring the scalability of your IT environment

Security For A Peace of MindYour peace of mind from cyberattacks and threats could be solidified with our hardware solutions that enhances your security.


Step 6 : Fortify Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is not only about detecting and removing threats; it’s a proactive, comprehensive approach that encompasses risk mitigation, threat intelligence, incident response, and ongoing vigilance.

Benefits of Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation:

Ensure Swift ResponseA robust cybersecurity posture enables you to identify, contain, and neutralize the threat quickly, minimizing damage and disruption.

Regulation ComplianceA comprehensive cybersecurity program ensures compliance with all applicable laws and standards, avoiding potential legal ramifications and fines.

Protects Your Reputation Effective cybersecurity helps you maintain trust with customers, investors, and partners, safeguarding your valuable brand & reputation.

Enhance Customer TrustDemonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity fosters trust and loyalty, leading to stronger customer relationships and increased business opportunities.

Fortifying Your Defence With IGS

End-To-End ProtectionFrom cloud, email to endpoint, our broad selection of solutions are designed to give you effective protection and security.

You Call The ShotsFrom preparation to post-incident activity, our experts provides you comprehensive control and transparency.

Cutting Edge PartnershipsLeverage on our partnerships with global brands to provide you with the best solutions that are Gartner, Forester or IDC certified.

Localized Support At Your FingertipsFortify your IT environment with our tech and cybersecurity support services that are based locally in Malaysia.


Step 7 : Shield & Optimize Your Data

Data management is the foundation for data-driven decision-making and the cornerstone of your competitive advantage . It focuses on preserving, protecting, and unlocking the power of your data.

Benefits of Data Management in Digital Transformation

Gain Unparallel InsightsUncover hidden opportunities and make informed decisions based on real-time intelligence.

Optimize OperationsData-driven insights help Identify areas for improvement, streamline workflows, and allocate resources more effectively.

Cost -Efficiency & Risk IdentificationMitigate potential issues, reduce the risk of costly downtime, data breaches, and regulatory compliance issues.

Unlock InnovationMaintain a competitive edge as data-driven insights can spark new ideas, fuel creative solutions, and drive innovation.

Unleash The Power Of Data With IGS

Refined Data Storage SolutionWe’ll match the right data storage solutions that focus on maximizing your growth while optimizing costs.

Comprehensive SelectionWhether it’s storage, backup or disaster recovery or all of them, we have the right tools for you to achieve data excellence.

A Team Of Leading Proficiency – Our multi-disciplinary team is proficient in data management practices, ensuring you receive the most effective solutions available.

Reliability & Security, AlwaysOur commitment to excellence ensures high availability, consistency, and security in managing your data.


Step 8 : Accelerate Your Growth With IGS Services

IGS Services are comprehensive services that offloads the burden of managing your IT infrastructure or IT Support from your internal team; allowing them to shift their focus in your business’s growth.

Benefits of IGS Services in Digital Transformation:

Cost EfficiencyEliminate the need for capital expenditure on full IT infrastructure and the need to hire and train specialized IT personnel.

Informed Decision MakingGain valuable insights and data analytics that can empower you to make informed decisions about your IT environment.

Enhanced ComplianceStay compliant with industry regulations and data privacy laws, like PCI DSS and save your time, money, and resources.

Risk Mitigation & Improved Security – Gain experts help in identifying and mitigating potential IT risks, protect your business from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other threats.

Your Digital Transformation Partner At Every Step

Personalized ServicesOur expert personnel work closely with you to understand your needs and challenges, providing incident reporting & advices.

IT Talents Within Your GraspWe have inhouse manpower for IT administration and support, eliminating errors and delays from outsourced services.

Localised SupportOur support team is 100% local, minimising communication errors and to eliminate issues from time zone gaps.

Single Point of ContactWe offer a more efficient consolidated management to ease communication for support and advice.


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