Imagine your house, except that it’s on fire, and you still haven’t turned off the stove. That’s what ignoring ESG would be like for your organization.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance which refers to the three most important aspects in determining a company’s sustainability and ethical impact.

Worry not! IGS is here to help you adopt the right sustainable technology solutions for your business while working on our goals together towards a Carbon-Neutral Malaysia by 2030.

So, What Is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology is an umbrella term for innovation that is mindful of natural resources and promotes economic and social growth. The purpose of these technologies is to dramatically decrease environmental and ecological concerns while producing a long-lasting product.

For example, effective green softwares manages hardware resources optimally by reducing the power utilized in data centers. These solutions could provide insights to support;

  • ESG investment decisions
  • Deliver carbon neutral technologies
  • Construct a route to net zero strategies

Why Adopt Sustainable Technology?

Our ideals should precede us, and our ideals for a better world isn’t that far-fetched. Adopting a scaled sustainable IT strategy helps address the climate catastrophe, and allows your organisations to save 12% on average on costs.

In addition, it would boost your ESG ratings, brand image, customer happiness, and provide tax benefits. 71% of Asia Pacific CEOs believe that their organizations’ digital and ESG investments are inherently connected based on the KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook poll.

Optimized costs, energy performance and utilization of assets would allow traceability ensuring ethical business practices.

What Happens Without Sustainable Technology?

Being profitable alone is insufficient in the coming years. and long-term sustainability is critical for a company’s survival. Organizations that refuse to adapt to the changing world will be left behind and suffer from lack of confidence from investors and shareholders.

Companies that do not address their social sustainability are increasingly under assault from the masses, and their market worth is challenged.

The bottom line is more than just a single figure that indicates how much money you made; social impact has an influence on your bottom line in terms of goodwill and reputation. The same is true for the environmental consequences.

4 Reasons Why  Is The Best Partner For Sustainability!

  1. VMware Responsible Sourcing; A program that prioritizes sustainability, diversity and accessibility in their supply chain.

  2. VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed to achieving 100% renewable energy-powered data centers or carbon neutrality by 2030.

  3. CarbonNeutral® Company Certified since 2018 and has supported various carbon finance projects.

  4. First Sustainability Dashboards showcasing how much carbon emissions are saved by compute virtualization and ways to optimize carbon footprint.

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