All About Data Storage

Ever wonder what’s one type of indispensable asset for organizations of our era? Its data. Data can create algorithms which is then used to draw insights. These insights are highly valuable for business continuity, driving customer’s retention, new revenue models, advertising and understanding current trends or market demands.

Without the right data storage, organizations could lose potential revenue or opportunities and suffer from resources wastage such as time in looking for important files. Today, organizations and users require data storage to meet high-level computational needs like big data projects, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the internet of things (IoT).

To ensure the reliability of data storage and management, organizations should practice 4 Principles; Provenance to prove the source of the data, Privacy to know who the data is from and the laws involved, Protection against data loss and Preparation to refine the data and ensure consistency.

Benefits of Data Storage

So how can the right data storage make a difference in the digital transformation of your business? There are a few things that you need to consider!

  • Reliable data preservation
  • Data continuity and accessibility
  • Quicker and easier data recovery
  • Flexible price points and capacity options
  • Effective security for protected files

Picking the right data storage will ease your business operations to make better decisions, grow your company, improves customer experiences and increases productivity among your workforce too!

Risk of Data Storage

Of course, like everything else in life, data storage comes with its own risks! Data loss is a major issue faced by various organization across industries and countries. Theft, natural disasters, hardware failures and malware attacks are just some of the reasons of how data loss could happen.

The unfortunate loss of data harms an organization’s brand as it causes key stakeholders to lose trust in the company. Their data privacy compliance would become obsolete and they could face potential lawsuits and penalties for mishandling sensitive data.

The consequence doesn’t stop there as employees’ productivity will fall, and operational expenses will rise to rectify the harm. Yet, when the right data storage solution is combined with highly competent technical employees, data storage can become a transformative journey for an organization!


The Global Expert In Solving Your Data Storage Issues

NetApp is a storage industry leader thanks to its innovative, all-flash arrays, which provide comprehensive data services, integrated data protection, seamless scalability, enhanced performance, deep application, prioritizing data security and cloud integration.

Netapp has aided organizations across industries adopt data-driven decisions by delivering a powerful shared storage platform that encompasses cloud data services, storage hardware, and applications. NetApp’s primary storage array product development projects are fueled by business motivations for our customers:

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