Cloud computing has evolved significantly, revolutionizing our work, lifestyle, and connectivity, with its impact poised for even greater expansion in the near future.

In this edition of IGS’s pick of the month, embark on a journey through the nascent stages of cloud technology. Uncover its innovative history, and witness how it has transformed into an integral part of our daily lives at present.

Concluding the exploration, we delve into the insights of cloud visionaries, unraveling their predictions for the future. Discover how these advancements will shape humanity’s trajectory in our boundless journey into the universe.


Exploring The Past

The Early Days

Cloud computing kicked off quietly, like a tech whisper. With the launch of Amazon Web Services pioneering the concept of cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Microsoft Azure followed suit, introduced their IaaS solutions, expanding the landscape.

In 2007, Salesforce showcased the potential of Software as a Service (SaaS) with its cloud-based CRM. Despite these advancements, skepticism prevailed, with concerns about security, reliability, and data ownership hindering widespread adoption.

Breaking Through The Cloud

In the 2010s, cloud computing gains mainstream acceptance, propelled by cost savings, scalability, and agility. The market expands in 2011 with the entry of IBM Bluemix and Alibaba Cloud, extending global reach. The cloud became a global superstar and IGS became the pioneer  as a local cloud provider to offer scalable cloud services in Malaysia..


Savoring The Present

The Great Migration

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic propels rapid cloud adoption as businesses pivot to remote work and e-commerce strategies. Cloud services evolve with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and edge computing, blurring the lines between on-premise and cloud environments.

The Coolest Addition To Cloud

Cloud technologies advanced rapidly to include AI, machine learning, and other innovations. This evolution has empowered businesses to optimize workflows, resulting in faster and smarter applications.

Upholding Data Sovereignty

The advent of sovereign cloud represents a crucial development, offering businesses a robust shield to protect their data from unwanted foreign access in all circumstances. This heightened level of control ensures enhanced security and sovereignty over sensitive information.

The Hybrid and Multi

Organizations seamlessly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to optimize cloud services. This evolution encompasses improved performance through IoT-driven edge computing, heightened AI integration, enhanced security measures amid provider price competition, and a dedicated focus on regulations for data privacy and user protection.


Dreaming The Future

The Pilot For Sustainability

According to Mckinsey, cloud computing; by powering AI for smarter resource management and optimizing energy usage in data centers, can accelerate decarbonization initiatives and unlock billions in annual savings, potentially propelling the world towards a sustainable future*.

The Mushrooming of Industry Cloud Platform

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all clouds. Industry clouds are custom-built platforms, specialized cloud services designed for specific industries, combining various technology and operating models to turbocharge your business. Forget patchwork solutions. Industry clouds seamlessly integrate pre-configured tools, data, and processes, unleashing a wave of innovation and measurable improvements within your industry*.

Quantum Marries The Cloud

Cloud quantum computing is set to unleash access to powerful hardware and innovative applications; empowering organizations to explore solutions previously deemed impossible. Cloud quantum computing holds immense potential to accelerate research and development, optimize processes, and unlock new possibilities across industries*.


Soaring Into The Clouds With IGS

The cloud storm’s brewing and decisions matter. Unraveling its past, grasping its present, and mapping its future gives you the edge – it’s the difference between soaring and stalling.

Forget flowery fables, embrace hard truths: IaaS is just the base camp. Quantum computing and beyond beckon. Without a clear flight plan, you’ll be lost in the digital fog.

That’s where IGS comes in. We’re not just tech gurus, we’re your veteran cloud navigators since 2010. We seamlessly plot your course from today’s clouds to the 2030s, guaranteeing not just survival, but thriving in the digital storm.

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